Fifty New Beds for St Ann’s Bay Hospital

by July 7th, 2017

Overcrowding is expected to be reduced significantly, at the ST Ann’s Bay Hospital in ST Ann, following the acquisition of fifty new beds.

The beds, were donated by charity organization, Food for the Poor.

Forty of them have been placed at the newly opened, male surgical ward.   Senior Medical officer at St Ann’s Bay Hospital, Dr Tanya Hamilton -Johnson, explains, that with the new beds, forty patients can now be moved from the accident and emergency department,  to the male surgical ward.

In recent times, patients who went to the  A and E Department  had to be admitted there, as there was no bed space available for them elsewhere.  Some persons had to be treated while sitting on chairs.

Dr Hamilton-Johnson, who is also the hospital’s chief surgeon, says this situation will now be improved. Most of the patients seen at the hospital are males.



Meanwhile, Executive Director of Food For The Poor,  David Mair, says the Organization is working towards getting another one hundred beds for hospitals across the country.



Chief Executive officer of the St Anns Bay Hospoital Leo Garel , Senior Medical Officer Dr Tanya Hamilton- Johnson and  Executive Director of Food for the Poor David Mair.