Finance Ministry rectifies glitches on Covid We Care grants website

by April 12th, 2020

Persons who previously experienced challenges completing their applications for grants on the We Care covid-19 relief website, should now be able to submit their applications.


This as the Finance Ministry says it has resolved several of the issues that people were having when they attempted to complete the applications, especially those for general grants.


People had complained about various error messages, such as no match for TRN, incorrect date of birth and unrecognised occupation field, popping up despite having entered accurate information.


The finance ministry says the issues should now be resolved, and persons may now try submitting their applications.


In the meantime, as it regards persons who have queried about making adjustments to their applications which were already submitted, the ministry says it is still working on making this possible and will provide an update soon.


The ministry is reminding citizens that applications are being accepted until June, therefore, with the exception of the best and set cash grants, persons do not have to rush to apply now.