Fire Brigade encourages fire safety during holidays

by December 25th, 2020

With more persons expected to celebrate the holidays indoors, due to the covid-19 pandemic, the Jamaica Fire Brigade is urging citizens to be extra cautious at home in a bid to prevent fires.


Speaking with Irie FM News, officer in charge of the fire prevention division and public relations officer at the JFB Emeleo Ebanks said one activity persons should exercise extreme caution in, is cooking.



Noting that electrical issues are the most common causes of fires in Jamaica, Mr. Ebanks said persons whose houses were wired over 5 years ago should have a licensed, certified electrician conduct the necessary checks to ensure safety.


He said persons should also refrain from overloading sockets.



Mr. Ebanks added that children and the elderly must never be left home alone and that houses must be equipped with smoke detectors.