Firefighters battling two bush fires in the Corporate Area

by June 25th, 2019

Firefighters are battling two bush fires in the Corporate Area.

The blazes are located in Mavis Bank and Long Mountain.

Acting Senior Deputy Superintendent in charge of operations, Horace Thomas, told Irie Fm News, that the brigade received news of the fire in Mavis Bank shortly before noon today (June 25).

He notes that the Brigade is receiving assistance from the Jamaica Defence Force which is doing aerial water drops as the operation continues to put out the fire.

Mr. Thomas says one residential dwelling was destroyed, however there has been no report of injury.

Meantime, the Fire Superintendent says the fire in Long Mountain has been burning for a few days. He says the fire is inaccessible to firefighters, but assistance is being received from the JDF.

And thousands of acres of coffee in the Mavis Bank area of St. Andrew are under threat from a raging bush fire.

President of the Jamaica Agriculture Society, JAS, Lenworth Fulton lamented that fire has be blazing for at least 2 days.

He said its possible that by later this evening, the coffee farms will be scorched.

Fulton said RADA had, in the past, trained farmers on fire mitigation measures but this may not have been maintained.