Foreign Min. makes contact with family of Jamaican student stuck in Malaysia

by February 17th, 2020

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs says it has made contact with the family of a Jamaican student who is stuck in Malaysia due to travel restrictions related to the Covid-19 virus in China and is providing guidance re routing and visas.

The Ministry says it is advised that the student, Ramone Williamson is now in a position to purchase a ticket home.

A Go-Fund-Me campaign created by Williamson has raised close to US$5,000.

He was seeking to raise US$8,000 to return to Jamaica, after travel restrictions prevented him from travelling back to China where he was a medical student.

In an introduction posted on the Go-Fund-Me campaign, Williamson explains that towards the end of January, he left China for what should have been a short travel to Malaysia.

Within two days, he learned that there was an outbreak of a Novel Coronavirus in the Wuhan Province.

He says his Program Coordinator made contact and informed him that based on the worsening situation of the now viral epidemic, he could not return to China and that he should extend his travel for a few days until given notice to return.

About a week later he again attempted to return but was informed that there were travel restrictions and a partial shutdown implemented by several provincial governments in addition to a number of airline cancellations.

Since then, Williamson has been stuck in Malaysia.

Having spent several weeks in Malaysia with no clear sign as to when he will be able to return to school in China, Williamson is requesting donations to help him stay afloat until he can return home and to help with travel expenses as he says he has depleted all his resources and will try travelling to Jamaica soon.