Former PCJ Director summoned to appear before PAC over questionable donation

by April 9th, 2019

A Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica, P-C-J Director linked to a questionable nine million dollar donation made by Petrojam, has been summoned to appear before Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee, P-A-C.

Members of the P-A-C, today (April 9), queried a letter sent by the P-C-J Director, on behalf of a citizens’ association cancelling its request for a 9-million-dollar donation towards a community project.

The email purportedly requested that the money be donated to a second association for a different community project also valued at nine million dollars and located in the same constituency.

Permanent Secretary in the Energy Ministry, Carol Palmer, at the P-A-C sitting today, revealed that the Director had met with her to discuss the situation.

In response to the Permanent Secretary’s declaration, P-A-C member Peter Bunting lamented that it is not appropriate for personal staff to ministers to be employed within the ministries which their employers have responsibility for.


And P-A-C Chairman Mark Golding affirmed Bunting’s statement noting that this situation facilitates political interference leading to improper deployment of resources.

The P-A-C Chairman suggested that the P-C-J Director be summoned to answer questions at the next sitting of the committee.

The donation in question is reportedly being investigated by the Major Organised Crime and Anti-Corruption Agency, MOCA.