Georgie from Bob Marley’s hit “No Woman No Cry” has died

by October 8th, 2021

Reggae legend Bob Marley in his 1974 hit, No Woman Nuh Cry, sang the lines, “And then Georgie would make the fire lights, while the logwood burnin through the night.”

Today (OCT 8), the Marley family is sending messages of condolence following the passing of Georgie.

Cedella Marley via her official Instagram account shared a post of Sharon Marley comforting Georgie which she captioned, “We lost our Georgie who kept the fire all through the night. Rest well, Georgie. Fly away home.”

Ziggy Marley also used his Instagram to pay tribute to Georgie, reminiscing on the good times. While Stephen Marley’s tribute is the line from Bob Marley’s classic, ‘No Woman No Cry’ that made Georgie a central figure in the song.

The cause of Georgie’s death is not yet known.

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