Golding says government’s response to Covid-19 fourth wave shows disrespect and mismanagement

by January 12th, 2022

Opposition leader Mark Golding says the government’s response to the fourth wave of the Covid-19 pandemic is an indication of it’s disrespect and mismanagement.

Speaking at a People’s National Party press briefing on Tuesday, Mr Golding said the recent comment made by Health Minister Dr. Christopher Tufton about frowning upon the unvaccinated, strengthens the claim.

Mr. Golding said the comment suggests that unvaccinated persons who seek service from the public health care system, will not be welcomed.

He said Dr. Tufton must remember that unvaccinated persons are also taxpayers, and as such, have a right to equal access to public health.

He argued that now is not the time to be creating discord among citizens.

And, Mr. Golding pointed out that the recent comment made by Prime Minister Andrew Holness, imploring persons to get vaccinated is not a solution to the current fourth wave.

He said considering the predictions for the peak of the wave, the government must put measures in place, to tackle the issue.

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