Government indicates readiness to declare more ZOSOs

by December 1st, 2019

Prime Minister, Andrew Holness, has indicated, that the government is ready to declare more Zones of Special Operations, ZOSOs, in the new year.

The issue was discussed at the meeting of the National Security Council, which highlighted the need to continue the process of driving down the murder rate, through enhanced security measures.

Chief of Defence Staff, Lieutenant General, Rocky Meade, told the council, that the Jamaica Defence Force, is advanced in its planning for the declaration of more communities, under the ZOSOs.  

This, as the enhanced security measures, were deemed to be still necessary, even as other legislative, technology, and security force development plans, are being implemented.  

Speaking at the council meeting, the Prime Minister advised, that he will hold, further talks with the security chiefs, to make the final decision about the implementation of more enhanced security measures.  

He noted, that although the measures were implemented this year with a shorter time period, they have successfully contained crime, inline with last year’s figures.

He also signalled the need for the continuation of the measures, as the conditions underlying the emergency, still exist.  


The need for special legislation for enhanced security measures was  also discussed, with Attorney General, Marlene Malahoo Forte, giving an update, on progress towards finalizing the elements of such a legislation.