Government reiterates support for and the necessity of NIDS

by October 29th, 2018

The government is reiterating its support for, and the necessity of the National Identification System, NIDS.


The NIDS Act, which will require citizens to provide bio-metric data and other vital information, including finger print and blood type, was passed in November last year.


The legislation is being challenged by the People’s National Party, which cited breaches to constitutional rights, and the matter was heard in court last week.


Speaking at a JLP Area Council 2 meeting in St. Mary yesterday, former Minister of National Security,  and Member of Parliament for Western St. Mary  Robert Montague, said NIDS is important in fighting crime.


He cited a recent case in the US, where a man was found through the use of documented bio-metric data, only days after several bombs were sent to persons including the Obamas.


Mr Montague said, Jamaica could benefit from a similar system.


He said, while the opposition continues to fight the system, the government is adamant, that NIDS could be a breakthrough for the country, and that the government will continue to encourage its implementation.