Government Says It Had No Choice But To Undertake Corporate Area Road Projects All At Once

by September 13th, 2018

The government says it had no choice, but to undertake several road projects across the corporate area all at once.


There have been complaints from the public about the inconvenience, gridlock and delays caused by major works on roads, including Constant Spring, Hagley Park, Mandela Highway and the Three Miles area among others.


Route changes have been effected as the works progress.


People have questioned why so many major projects are being done at the same time.


Minister with responsibility for Infrastructure, Daryl Vaz, explains that the government was forced to carry out the road projects now, because of the timelines associated with the funding for the projects, under the Major Infrastructure Development Programme (MID-P). He says the government had to use or lose the loan funding from China EXIM Bank for works to be done by China Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC).



Mr. Vaz states that the authorities are working to alleviate the challenges on the road, adding that there must be better communication, signage and alternative routes and ensuring that security on the routes is maintained.


He points out that additional measures including the establishment of a multi-agency situation room and providing real time updates to motorists have been suggested.


Mr. Vaz says other actions that are being touted include staggering school and business hours.



He was speaking at yesterday’s (September 12) Post Cabinet Press Briefing.

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