Government to arrange transport for fire-fighters following car crash in St Ann

by September 17th, 2021

The ministry of local government has indicated that efforts are being made to provide transportation for fire-fighters to and from work safely.


This in the wake of a recent motor vehicle accident in St. Ann which resulted in the deaths of 2 firemen from the Ocho Rios station.


Local Government Minister Desmond McKenzie visited the Ocho Rios station today, to offer condolences to the grieving colleagues of Stefan Walters and Alex Williams.


Reports are that on Monday, September 13, the firefighters had taken a colleague home and were returning from Discovery Bay when their vehicle collided with another along the Laughlands main road.


Mr. McKenzie noted that this is the third incident of this kind that has taken place since his appointment as minister.


He said the timing is right for discussions on how to minimize these incidents.



Mr. McKenzie said the intention is to prevent more loss of lives.



In offering his condolences, Mr. McKenzie noted that the untimely passing of the 2 firemen, has left the brigade in a cloud of darkness.



During today’s visit by the minister, the fire fighter who had been taken home by the other 2 men broke down in tears and had to be comforted by other colleagues.


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