Government to implement lock-downs over the next three weekends amid COVID-19 spike

by March 22nd, 2021

The Government is to implement lock-downs over the next three weekends.


Prime Minister Andrew Holness made the announcement last evening (March 21) while updating the nation on the measures that will be in effect until April 13.


For the most part, the nightly curfews will continue from 8 PM to five the next morning except for the weekends, and especially the long Easter weekend.


Businesses are asked to allow their staff to work until 12 PM on Holy Thursday and the 2 Fridays, to carry out their shopping and commuting prior to the nightly curfew, and ahead of the earlier curfew and lockdown on the weekends.


He said it is believed that the measures will significantly reduce the infection and reproduction rates, bring hospitalizations down and relieve the stress on the health system


From Tuesday, March 23 to Friday, March 26, the curfew will continue at 8 PM.


He outlined what will happen for the following week.