Government will not close Jamaica’s borders as yet

by March 19th, 2020

Health and Wellness Minister, Dr. Christopher Tufton, says there is life after COVID-19; so much has to be considered before closing the country’s borders.


Dr. Tufton was addressing concerns that the Government was seemingly hesitant to close Jamaica’s borders, even after the novel coronavirus, COVID -19, had been confirmed on the island.


Noting that there is no hesitation to protect the country from further spread of the virus, the health and wellness minister explains that Jamaica must ensure it remains in a position to survive economically.


Dr. Tufton emphasizes the need to mitigate public health risks while balancing the need for business to continue.



Dr. Tufton states that the country has a very large import bill.



He says although some countries have seen it fit to close their borders because of COVID-19, all jurisdictions are not the same.



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