Gov’t and Carib Cement sign agreement to facilitate conversion of old tyres to energy

by July 22nd, 2019

Government and Carib Cement today (July 22) signed an agreement that will enable the company to test out over a 40 day period, a project to convert old tyres to energy.

Over one billion dollars will be spent on the project.

The old tyres will be taken from the Riverton disposal site, where storage of the item has caused concern over environment and health especially when the tyres are set on fire.

Speaking at the signing ceremony this morning, Prime Minister Andrew Holness noted that Carib Cement has already converted its kiln to be able to burn the tyres.

Holness said the 40 day trial period will help the National Solid Waste Management Authority, NSWMA and Carib Cement work out logistics for movement of tyres.

He said after 40 days an assessment will be done on the project, to determine if its feasible to do a long term operation, that will also include the taking of old tyres from other disposal sites.