Govt assures that drought mitigation measures are in place

by February 6th, 2020

The government is assuring that measures are in place to ensure that the country does not suffer from a lack of water during the dry season.


Minister without portfolio in the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation, Senator Pearnel Charles Jnr. says while he cannot promise that there won’t be challenges, the government is doing its best to ensure there is a back-up plan.


He says last years’ experience has been used to devise solutions to Jamaica’s water issue and meetings have been had with the relevant stakeholders as to how to treat with water issues as they arise.



Mr. Charles Jnr. says the government has done a good job so far in putting in place the necessary infrastructure to store water.


He however notes that there is more to be done.



He was speaking at a press conference in Kingston, this morning.


Meantime, Charles Jnr this morning announced that the ministry is taking a multi sectoral approach to drought management.


He said as part of the approach, the drought management committee has been activated.


The committee includes the ministry, the national water commission, water resources authority, rural water supply limited, among others.


The drought management plan is also a sub-plan of the national disaster plan being developed by the office of disaster preparedness and emergency management.


He further noted that the plan was extracted from the national water sector policy and that the committee is a sub-committee of the integrated water resources management council.