Gov’t in dialogue with French security technology provider as it increases efforts to fight crime

by November 29th, 2021


The Government is in dialogue with a leading security technology provider, as it steps up efforts to fight crime.


Prime Minister Andrew Holness says the Government is well advanced in implementing new technology to target crime.


He says the Government will do all that can be done to keep citizens safe.


The Prime Minister says the Opposition claims the states of emergency are not successful. He gave statistics of reduction in murders when SOEs are implemented, including the seventy per cent reduction when the first SOE was declared in St. James in 2018.

He explains that to solve the murder crisis, there is a need to treat the underlying cause, and this is a long-term solution.

However, he adds that in the short term, the Government has a responsibility to preserve life.


And, part of the efforts to reduce murders will be amendments to the Corrections Act to address the issue regarding possession of communication devices in prisons.

Mr. Holness says there are plans to construct a high-security prison.






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