Gov’t says relief coming from high prices for styrofoam alternatives

by January 14th, 2020

Minister with responsibility for the Environment Daryl Vaz has suggested that concerns about the cost of alternatives for styrofoam will abate, when the price reduces over the next few months.

This he attributes to more alternative options becoming available, and more stakeholders entering the market.

The ban on styrofoam became effective on January 1, and many have raised concern about the cost of the alternative packaging, such as paper or cardboard, as well as about the hike in price for items such as food sold by small scale cook shop operators.

Speaking in parliament today (January 14), Vaz noted that the government is aware of the concerns.

He pointed out that manufacturers and distributors had adequate time, prior to the implementation of the styrofoam ban, to source and stock up on alternatives.

He sought to assure that over time the market cost will level out.

Vaz said so far many businesses have been compliant with the styrofoam ban.

Vaz also sought to assure that, for now, the matter of compliance and enforcement is focused on manufactures and distributors.

This after small business operators in the food and beverage sector, expressed concern about being sanctioned, for still using styrofoam containers.