Gregory Park Primary mourns 9 year old’s death

by November 5th, 2018

Yet another school community has been plunged into mourning, with the death of a student by violent means.


The administration of Gregory Park Primary School in St. Catherine has been offering grief counselling to classmates of grade three student, 9-year-old Steve Johnson, who was killed at the weekend


Acting Vice-Principal, Ayodele Taylor-McDonald, says some of the youngsters are just understanding, that Steve will no longer be with them at school.


She says others have been tearful, and depending on how they are coping a decision will be taken regarding the teaching /learning process.


A team from the Education Ministry will  be assisting in taking the students through this grieving process.


Some 40 children have been murdered across the country since the start of the year.


In the last few weeks alone, about five were killed.


Meantime, Mrs.  Taylor-McDonald is imploring Jamaicans to take care of the nation’s children.


Police reports are that Steve’s mother was involved in a confrontation with a man, in an area known as Sufferer’s Heights, when the man used an object to attack her, and her two sons, before fleeing.


All three were taken to hospital, where police say the 9-year-old died, from blunt force injuries.