Hanover police to increase presence after shooting leaves 3 dead & 4 wounded

by March 17th, 2022

The Hanover police will be ramping up operations in the Green Island community following a shooting incident last night, which left 3 men dead and 4 others wounded.


Dead are 44-year-old Omar Mahabee, 55-year-old Michael Smith, and 37-year-old Mark Austin of Green Island, in Hanover.


Four other men remain hospitalized.


Speaking with Irie FM News, head of the Hanover police division, Superintendent Sharon Beeput said no motive has yet been established for the shooting.


She said the police, supported by representatives for social groups, conducted a walk-through in some communities, including Green Island, today.


Superintendent Beeput said police presence will be ramped up in the affected areas, to ensure the safety of citizens.


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