Health Ministry: HPV Vaccine Safe

by November 12th, 2018

More than 3 million girls worldwide have received the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccine without significant adverse effects.


That’s according to Acting Director of the Ministry of Health’s Family Health Unit, Dr. Melody Ennis.


Speaking in an interview with the Jamaica Information service (JIS), Dr. Ennis sought to allay the fears of citizens as it relates to the HPV vaccination programme being carried out in the nation’s high schools.


Dr. Ennis noted that the vaccine is offered in over 80 countries worldwide and has led to a 68% reduction in cases of cancer.



She noted that the vaccine has gone through a series of tests and has been proven safe.



Dr. Ennis said to date 11,000 girls in Jamaica have been vaccinated successfully.



She noted that while the government has not published material on the HPV vaccination programme for high school girls in Jamaica, weekly reports are compiled and these can be accessed by the public through the Health Ministry.


And the Health Ministry says it is aware of several myths surrounding the administration of the HPV vaccine and is actively seeking to dispel them.


Dr. Melody Ennis explains that the acceptance of the vaccine by Jamaican girls continues to be hampered by the apprehensions held by parents.



She notes that fears about fertility in particular are unfounded and have no basis.



With regards to severe allergic reactions, Dr. Ennis says these were possible with any medication.