Health Ministry stands by WHO regarding Astra Zeneca vaccine safety

by March 12th, 2021

The ministry of health and wellness says the World Health Organisation (WHO) global advisory committee on vaccine safety, is carefully assessing all reports on Covid vaccines, being administered.


It says, the WHO advised that there was no reason to stop using the Astra Zeneca vaccine, although some countries in Europe and elsewhere have moved to halt its use, over concerns about blood clots.


According to the WHO, as at March 9, more than 268 million doses of covid-19 vaccines have been administered since the start of the pandemic, with no case of death having been found to have been caused by the vaccines.


The health ministry is also reminding members of the public, that vaccination against covid-19 will not eliminate deaths from other causes.


It says, deaths from other causes will continue to occur, including after vaccinations, but not causally related.


Speaking during yesterday’s covid conversations press briefing, portfolio minister, Dr. Christopher Tufton assured that the Astra Zeneca vaccine, is safe.



Jamaica’s vaccination programme began on Wednesday March 10, with about 3,000 persons already inoculated.