Heart Trust NTA to continue donations to May Pen Hospital

by February 11th, 2019

Heart Trust NTA, has vowed to continue providing food items for patients at the May Pen Hospital in Clarendon.

It says, this is part of an initiative, to offer more resources to healthcare institutions, across the island.

The partnership follows the donation of food supplies to the hospital, to assist in the rolling out of a new patient diet, and the reduction in the institution’s 2.5 million dollar food bill.

Managing Director of Heart Trust/NTA, Dr. Janet Dyer says the partnership signals an important beginning for both entities.

Heart Trust/NTA through its agricultural institution Ebony Park Heart Academy in Clarendon, provided eggs, chickens, and ground provision to the hospital.

The May Pen Hospital is the first in a number of public health facilities, that will benefit from this initiative.

Heart also plans to incorporate its trainees into other sectors, such as construction, to provide services to the public health facilities.