Holness declines pay increase

by May 23rd, 2023

Prime Minister Andrew Holness says he has directed the Transformation Implementation Unit, (TIU), to remove his compensation from the new salary scale.

The prime minister’s announcement on Monday evening, follows widespread public outrage about the massive salary increases for members of the political directorate.

Under the restructured public sector compensation system the prime minister’s salary increased from $9 million annually, to $28 million effective April 2024.

Members of parliament will get $14.2 million, as of next year April.

However, following numerous calls for the government to roll back the salaries, the prime minister said he has declined the new wage.

He said his salary will remain at its previous level and no retroactive payment will apply.

Mr. Holness confirmed that the other members of the political directorate will receive the increased salaries.

A decision, which he says, he supports.

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