Holness stands by claim regarding discussion with Phillips about cabinet documents exemption

by October 7th, 2019

Prime Minister Andrew Holness has insisted that he had discussed with, and gotten concurrence from the Opposition Leader, on the exemption period for cabinet documents changing from 20 to 70 years.


The controversial resolution, which irked members of the opposition, the media and some lobby groups, has been withdrawn.


Dr. Peter Phillips had contradicted the statements made by Holness, about what was discussed behind the speaker’s chair in parliament, adding that Holness’ comments were untrue, incomplete and an unfaithful representation of the conversation.


In response to Dr. Phillips’ claim, the Prime Minister issued a brief statement this afternoon.


The statement noted that, in light of recent comments made by the leader of the opposition via a press release on October 5, Prime Minister Andrew Holness stands by his statements regarding his briefing of the Leader of the Opposition and the response of the Leader of the Opposition.

It said this briefing was in relation to an order to extend the period of nondisclosure of cabinet minutes.


Meantime, the Opposition Leader appears to have taken a decision to be extra cautious with regards to discussions he has with the Prime Minister, in the future.


He was questioned by reporters and indicated the possibility of having a third party present for future discussions.