HTCC echoes call for tertiary education fund to be set up

by February 4th, 2019

Hear the Children’s Cry has called for a fund to be set up to assist secondary school graduates.

The grouping has supported a call for a tertiary education fund to be established.

Senator Damian Crawford made the call during his State of the Nation Debate in the Senate.

Hear the Children’s Cry says it would extend Senator Crawford’s call to include bright but low income secondary school leavers who never get to register in the first place at a tertiary institution, as well as de-registered university students

This proposal, the group says has implications for reducing crime and violence, by giving young men, especially, new hope for a positive future

H-T-C-C is calling on government to set up a bi-partisan team, in partnership with the private sector, to examine Senator Crawford’s proposal and H-T-C-C’s addendum.

Founder of Hear the Children’s Cry Betty Ann Blaine, notes that although there is the Student Loan Bureau , many of the children of the poor and working classes cannot benefit from SLB because the loan requires guarantors and many just don’t have persons they can call on who can do that.