INDECOM calls for national standard on the use of non-lethal weapons

by June 13th, 2019

The Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) has called for a national standard on the use of less lethal devises by members of the security forces.


The call comes after a constable used pepper spray on a retired senior cop during a traffic stop.


Speaking at a press conference today (June 13), INDECOM Commissioner Terrence Williams stated that use of less lethal devices can sometimes be lethal, as well as cause great pain and discomfort.


He said having a less lethal device is not an indication that there should be a lessening of the vigilance, regarding when force should be used.


Williams said use of less lethal devices – such as baton, pepper spray and tear gas – should be governed by strict standards.



The INDECOM boss said there is a need for officers to continue to receive training in use of less lethal devices.



He said these devices should never be used in cases of passive resistance.



He added that pepper sprays should not be used in a confined space; neither should it be used as an aerial weapon putting un-involved persons at risk.


Mr. Williams also called for better monitoring of pepper spray use, to include regular weight checks of the canisters.