Iona High mourns teacher’s death; teacher’s son in police custody

by December 2nd, 2019

Staff and students of Iona High school in St. Mary have been left in shock and grief, following the death of a teacher on the weekend.


Juliette Gordon was a retired senior teacher, from Boscobel, who offered her services to Iona, in October, when the school needed a temporary teacher of English.


She was injured in a motor vehicle accident 3 weeks ago, hospitalised with broken bones, and then succumbed to her injures last Friday.


Principal of Iona High Melva Humes Johnson told Irie FM News that for the few days Ms. Gordon taught at the school, she made an impact.



Students in grade 7 who were in Gordon’s class are expected to get support.



In the meantime, the St. Mary police say Gordon’s son remains in custody and is to return to court later this month.


The son, whose identify has not been released, has been charged with attempted murder.


But following Gordon’s death on Friday, it’s expected that the charge will be changed to manslaughter.


Allegations are that Gordon and her son were travelling along the road in Prospect, when an argument developed.


The police further allege that the son crashed the car.