IPC Reclassification system must be addressed – Samuda

by September 13th, 2021

President of the Jamaica Paralympic Association (JPA) Christopher Samuda, says the International Paralympic Committee’s new classification system will have to be addressed at the body’s next general assembly.

At the Paralympics, classifications were used by organisers to group like-with-like athletes, so that people of roughly equivalent levels of impairment — or roughly equal functional ability — can compete together fairly.

However a number of athletes, including Jamaicans, have voiced their concerns over the inequality in the system.

According to Samuda the issue will have to be addressed by the IPC, if the body is to maintain its reputation.

Samuda meanwhile says the aim is to diversify and rebuild for the 2024 games in Paris.


Christopher Aamuda.

Jamaica was represented by Shauna kay Hines, Theodore Subba, Sylvia Grant and Alberto Campbell at the recently concluded Tokyo 2020 Paralympic games.

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