Irie FM’s DJ Lollipop goes viral

by April 26th, 2022


Following a conversation regarding Money Pull-Ups on Music News yesterday April 25 with Kshema Francis and Big A, fellow IRIE FM Disc Jock Lollipop is now the subject of a viral video being circulated on social media.

In the video a female who was a patron at an event was heard saying “ Listen me , mi tired fi shoot” the obviously frustrated female exited the stage  after not being  appeased by the DJs on stage which included DJ Lollipop regarding the selections  being offered.


Music News caught up with DJ Lollipop to get his side of the story


It is the general consensus that the music released during the pandemic caters predominantly to men because of the lyrical content, leaving female patrons with nothing to gyrate or swing their hips to.

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