Jamaican cruise workers plead with government to bring them home

by March 27th, 2020

Jamaicans stuck at sea on a Royal Caribbean vessel are pleading with the government to make some arrangements to bring them home.


The more than 100 Jamaican employees say they feel abandoned as they are stranded at sea, off the coast of the Bahamas with very little information as to when or where they’ll be allowed to disembark the harmony of the seas vessel.


One Jamaican on the ship, Nencuma Bailey, told Irie FM News that the vessel has been out of operations for two weeks and has no suspected case of COVID-19.


He explained that despite being in port in the United States, the Jamaicans were unable to secure flights home before the borders closed.



Mr. Bailey noted that he and other employees on the ship are currently not working as the staff has been reduced.


He added that the workers have been placed in three groups – where only one group will be kept on to maintain the vessel.



Mr. Bailey is appealing to the Jamaican government to give special consideration to the cruise line so that the Jamaicans on the vessel can be repatriated.