JCC urging citizens not to use the recent JAMCOVID app vulnerability as grounds of dismissal for NIDS

by February 22nd, 2021

The Jamaica Chamber of Commerce, JCC is urging citizens not to use the recent Jamcovid application vulnerability, as grounds of dismissal for the National Identification System, NIDS and other digitization projects.

The call comes as the government continues plans to implement NIDS, and after hundreds of thousands of travellers’ data were reportedly left open to the public on the JamCOVID site due to what the government has called a security vulnerability.

The JCC in noting the swift action by the Jamaican authorities upon being advised of the vulnerability, says it looks forward to the prompt dissemination of the results of the investigation now underway.

Chief Executive Officer of the JCC, Larry Watson says as serious as the event is the chamber remains committed to digitization.

He says the JCC looks forward to the implementation of relevant government measures, to ensure that both the public and private sector and individuals at large, develop and retain trust in Jamaican systems, laws, and security as the country transitions to a more digital-enabled nation.