JCF: no island wide lock down

by April 17th, 2020

The Jamaica Constabulary Force has sought to dispel fears of an island-wide lock down, after a copy of an internal police memo relating to a possible lock down, began circulating on social media.


The memo from the Deputy Commissioner of Police in Charge of Operations, advised divisional heads to develop lock down plans.


This, in light of the continued spread of the coronavirus, and the efforts being made by first responders, including the police, to curb it.


It said given the state of affairs, with the Covid pandemic, it is highly likely that an island-wide lock down could be hastily enforced.


As a prerequisite, the development of a divisional lock down plan is of paramount importance.


However, head of the JCF’s corporate communication unit, SSP Stephanie Lindsay said the memo was merely an advisory to prepare.


She said the police have no information about a lock down.


A probe has been launched into how the internal memo was leaked.