JCF says nothing unusual about rank held by the Head of the Police Commissioner’s security detail

by March 11th, 2019

The Jamaica Constabulary Force, JCF, says there is nothing unusual, about the rank held by the Head of the Police Commissioner’s Security detail.

The response follows the posting of videos and voice messages on social media questioning the promotion of a former member of the Jamaica Defence Force, JDF who came to the force as a District Constable and now holds the rank of Assistant Superintendent. The messages condemn the promotion from District Constable to ASP.

Some members of force have also reportedly criticized the development.

Head of the Police’s Corporate Communications Unit, Deputy Superintendent Dahlia Garrick explains that the Officer who was a Staff Sergeant in the Jamaica Defence Force was not promoted but entered the force at the rank of Assistant Superintendent of police.

She states that this rank is reserved as a training rank and is used for persons with specific skills set to enter the force.

DSP Garrick further states that the officer while being a member of the JDF was seconded to the constabulary to head the Commissioner’s security detail and was appointed a District Constable.

However he resigned and later applied to become a full member of the JCF.