JCTU says there should not be a choice between vaccination and workers losing their jobs

by December 1st, 2021

President of the Jamaica Confederation of Trade Unions (JCTU) Helene Davis-Whyte says at this time, there should not be a choice between vaccination and workers losing their jobs.


She states that Unions recognize that the country is facing a public health crisis and that public health authorities have the power to determine what actions are necessary to contain the spread of COVID-19.


She says employers, therefore, should not implement vaccine requirements for workers without the direction of the public health authorities.


She underscores that the authorities have not given such a mandate.


The JCTU President notes that the real issue for workers is whether or not they have a right to decide to not take the vaccine.


She suggests that employers should ensure workers have information so they can make the right decision regarding vaccination.


She says the Trade Unions support the Government’s vaccination programme.


She also points out that the Unions are against mandatory vaccination.


Mrs. Davis-Whyte says when looking at mandatory vaccination, the World Health Organization’s protocols for ethical vaccinations should be considered.


She highlights other factors that are taken into account, such as the efficacy and effectiveness of the vaccine if there is sufficient supply and public trust in the vaccination programme.


The JCTU President says in a public health crisis, the issue should not be about targeting and discriminating against persons.

She was speaking yesterday (November 30) at a webinar hosted by the Hugh Shearer Labour Studies Institute, titled “Take the Jab or Lose the Job: Implications for the Employment Relationships”.

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