JDF Coast Guard Evacuating Pedro Cays Ahead of Hurricane Isaac

by September 11th, 2018

The Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) coast guard has deployed vessels to the Pedro Cays to effect evacuations, ahead of the anticipated approach of hurricane Isaac.


Isaac is currently east of the Lesser Antilles and is projected to be just south of Hispaniola by Friday.


In a statement last evening the JDF said it is on high alert, as Isaac continues its approach towards the eastern Caribbean.


In preparation, the JDF coast guard will be evacuating its personnel from station Pedro Cays.


It also advised fisher-folk occupying the cays to proceed similarly to mainland Jamaica at the earliest opportunity.


Acting commanding officer of the JDF coast guard, Lieutenant Commander Aceion Prescott, urged fisher folk to heed the warning, citing the storms possibility to develop suddenly, becoming deadlier and unpredictable overnight.


In order to assist persons on the Pedro banks, the JDF coast guard is sending one of its offshore patrol vessels to the banks, this morning.


Persons in need of conveyance assistance are being urged to take advantage of the opportunity during the course of today, as the approaching storm will make it extremely unlikely that another trip will be possible.

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