JLP, PNP Trade Barbs Over Corruption

by September 17th, 2018

The country’s main political parties are trading barbs over corruption, with Prime Minister Andrew Holness hitting back last night over comments made by Opposition Leader Dr. Peter Phillips at the PNP’s annual conference yesterday (September 16).


Prime Minister Andrew Holness declared the PNP to be the most corrupt political organisation in the Caribbean, after Dr. Phillips called the JLP administration the most corrupt since independence, while highlighting several scandals that have rocked the current administration.


Among them issues relating to the Firearm Licensing Authority (FLA), Petrojam and the acquisition of used cars for the police.



However the JLP leader who was speaking in Old Harbour St. Catherine last night said it was hypocrisy and he outlined several scandals dating back to 1989 during PNP administrations.



Mr. Holness said corruption is a serious issue and should not be politicised.


He said the JLP has been the only government to take serious action to deal with issues of corruption.


Mr. Holness stated that it was former Prime Minister Edward Seaga who put in place the Contractor General Act and the current administration the integrity commission and completing other actions to tackle corruption.


He said there will always be in every government, people who breach the rule and use their power unjustly and unfairly.





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