JMEA calls for leaders to be more bold to help tackle civil issues and stagnant economy

by April 29th, 2022

There’s a call for Jamaica to have more bold and courageous leaders to help tackle its civil issues and stagnant economy.

President of the Jamaica Manufacturers and Exporters Association, JMEA, John Mahfood says the country needs better leadership as it’s productivity level and per capita income, have not improved over the past 30 years.

Mr. Mahfood was speaking at the Make Your Mark Middle Manager’s Conference opening ceremony, at the Pegasus Hotel in Kingston, on Wednesday (April 27).

Noting that other world leaders have helped their citizens out of hardships, Mr. Mahfood expressed disappointment that Jamaica’s leaders have not been able to do the same.

He said given these statistics, politicians are still unable to step up as they are preoccupied with other personal undertakings.

Mr. Mahfood ultimately called on citizens, particularly, young people, to be ambitious and not accept poor leadership.

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