JMEA Survey finds that businesses suffered 80% decline in productivity due to no movement days

by September 15th, 2021

A survey conducted by the Jamaica Manufacturers and Exporters Association, JMEA, in light of the recent No-Movement Days, has found that member businesses suffered an 80 percent decline in productivity.

The survey was completed at the end of August.

It found, among other things, that on no movement days, staff members were unable to access public transportation, that there was limited access to food, that companies had delivery challenges for raw materials and that many companies had to scale down operations.

Speaking in an interview with Irie FM News, JMEA President John Mahfood noted that reduced production days also led to a reduction of sales revenue.

He explained that while some businesses would have been exempt, other factors such as reduced demand led to companies still being negatively impacted.

Data from the JMEA survey also found that 40 percent of members had supplies hindered during the no movement days and 83 percent of members expect a decline in their company’s revenue for August due to the no movement days.

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