JPS says 90% of households in Riverton city are stealing electricity

by December 7th, 2020

The Jamaica Public Service, JPS, says it has discovered that some 90 per cent of persons connected to the electricity grid in Riverton City, St. Andrew are stealing electricity.

The company also notes with alarm that the consumption pattern of these non-paying users is at excessive levels – over 600 kilowatt hours per day, this is more than 100 times the average paying customer.

JPS says this high level of theft has led to several outages in the community, where it has only 160 paying customers in the community of over 1,000 households.

The company states that when non-customers make multiple illegal connections, indiscriminately running a variety of appliances – some of them heavy duty – these multiple breaches result in the system being overloaded, causing outages.

JPS says it has also lost transformers, and has had circuits burnt due to overloading of its systems in Riverton.

The company is therefore inviting residents to become regularized and to desist from the practice of illegally connecting to the power infrastructure.

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