JTA says many students are still not turning up for classes

by January 11th, 2021

Despite the return of some schools to face-to-face engagement last week, many students are still not turning up for classes.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and online teaching, scores of students have been out of the learning loop.

However with some 129 schools approved for face-to-face engagement, the number of students being engaged was expected to increase.

Speaking with Irie Fm News this morning (January 11), President of the Jamaica Teachers Association, JTA, Jasford Gabriel, says those students who have been turning up for classes are the same ones who were engaging in online classes.

Noting that he has toured several schools across the island and has received feedback from teachers, he added that while the students are happy to be back in the physical learning environment, there are several challenges.

The JTA President says a lack of internet connectivity in some schools continue to be a problem.

He says teachers are also being impacted by insufficient resources.

Mr. Gabriel says there is also an issue with getting students to comply with physical distancing guidelines when outside the classroom.

Meanwhile, responding to calls for the resumption of face to face classes in several Corporate Area schools, Mr. Gabriel says it is important that the Education Ministry continues to be guided by the Disaster Risk Management Act and the Health Ministry.