JTA wants special medical fund for public sector workers

by April 9th, 2019

President of the Jamaica Teachers Association JTA, Dr. Garth Anderson has called on the government to implement measures that will assist public sector workers, who seek medical attention for critical illnesses, but lack the money to pay for it.

Dr. Anderson lamented that a teacher from Clarendon died recently, after being hospitalised with a serious illness, for which payment for an operation, was demanded up front.

He said while the JTA was in the process of helping to raise the necessary funds, the male teacher died.

Dr. Anderson said many public sector workers do not have sufficient insurance coverage for certain illnesses.

He wants a government policy that will ensure teachers and other civil servants get the required medical attention.

To help alleviate this problem, the JTA yesterday, (April 8) launched a critical illness fund, which will assist teachers in paying their medical bills.