Juliet Holness Promises Parliamentary Resolution To Have Patois Accepted In Gordon House

by September 9th, 2018

Member of Parliament for East Rural St. Andrew Juliet Holness has promised to bring a resolution to parliament, to have the Jamaican language spoken and accepted in Gordon House.


She was responding to questions posed by Irie FM’s Mutabaruka during the Miss Lou statue unveilingceremony in Gordon Town St. Andrew on Friday (September 7).


Mutabaruka commended Mrs. Holness for delivering her tribute to Miss Lou in patois.


He expressed concern that many Jamaicans do not understand, or quickly become disinterested in, what happens in parliament, due to use of the standard British English.



Mrs. Holness said Muta’s suggestion was a good one.



She said the use of the Jamaican language in parliament would be another way to honour Miss Lou.


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