Latest crime figures show reduction in murders up to Saturday

by December 8th, 2020

The latest crime figures released by the police, show a reduction in the number of murders up to Saturday December 5, when compared to the corresponding period last year.

There were 1227 murders, 22 fewer than the 1249 committed in 2019.

Four of the 19 police divisions have recorded more than 100 murders so far this year.

They are St. Andrew South with 136, St. Catherine north with 121, St. James with 114 and St. Catherine South with 102 murders.

These divisions are followed by Kingston West with 91 and St. Andrew Central and Clarendon recording 90 murders each.

There are four other police divisions with more than 50 murders, they are Westmoreland with 74, Kingston Eastern with 68, St. Ann 64 and St. Andrew North with 59.

Portland continues to record the least number of murders, there were 10 murders, the same as last year this time.

Meantime the number of shooting incidents went up by 25 and there were 80 fewer incidents of rape.

Robberies and break-ins decreased by 206 and 215 respectively.


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