Lobby group ‘Hear the Children’s Cry’ forges partnership with TikTok

by April 11th, 2022

Local children’s lobby group ‘Hear the Children’s Cry’ has forged a partnership with the operators of the video-sharing app TikTok aimed at protecting against exploitative child content.


The move follows increasing national concern about inappropriate and exploitative content of children on digital platforms.


This is the first partnership of its kind in Jamaica and the Caribbean.


As part of this collaboration, Tiktok will establish a direct email channel with Hear the Children’s Cry’ to the platform’s trust and safety team to immediately report content that violates Tiktok’s community guidelines.


Child advocate and founder of Hear the Children’s Cry’ Betty Ann Blaine, says with this partnership, the group will be able to quickly report content that violates Tiktok’s community guidelines.


She says the partnership is a huge win for Jamaican children.



The group says it’s impressed with how swiftly Tiktok took action to investigate the inappropriate content reported, and the unwavering commitment to building a positive community.



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