Local Government calls meeting to discuss events breaching protocols

by August 5th, 2020

The recent relaxation in the entertainment industry could soon be recalled, following the Ministry of Local Government’s report that over 700 events have since been staged without any permission, and in instances where approvals were given, the agreed conditions have been blatantly breached.

Minister Desmond McKenzie has been moved to call an emergency meeting with stakeholders in the entertainment industry today Wednesday, August 5, to discuss breaches of agreed conditions and protocols governing events and gatherings.

According to the Minister, actions have consequences, and there is no guarantee that the relaxations granted to this point will remain.

Just two weeks ago, on July 21 the phased re-opening of the entertainment industry began, giving the green light to approved events with no more than 250 patrons, with a maximum of another 30 persons comprising of event staff and performers.

The wearing of masks, social distancing, and proper sanitization protocols were also advised.

Since March, the entertainment industry has been severely affected by the coronavirus pandemic, a phased re-opening of the industry was a result of multiple calls and discussions by stakeholders and the Government that facilitated the best way forward.