Local Government Minister explains rationale for relocation of ministry’s office in Kingston

by January 16th, 2019

Local Government Minister Desmond Mckenzie has sought to explain the rationale for the relocation of the Ministry’s office in Downtown Kingston.

He was responding to questions posed by his Opposition counterpart Dr. Angella Brown Burke.

Mckenzie said with regards to the old property on 85 Hagley Park Road, Kingston, which is owned by the Commission of Lands, the Ministry did not pay lease or rent for this property.

He said the rental lease of property now occupied on 61 Hagley Park Road, Kingston, is 76 million per year, for 5 years, effective 2016.

The old property on 85 Hagely Park Road is now occupied by Fire Brigade , which moved there from Port Royal Street.

Dr Brown Burke raised concern about the millions spent on lease for the property, in light of the recent report from the Auditor General.

Mckenzie said there were serious challenges with the former location, citing robberies and other safety concerns.

He said the relocation has had a positive effect on staff.