Lock down takes St Catherine business community by surprise

by April 15th, 2020

Many business operators in Potrmore, St. Catherine, have lamented that while they understand the need for strict measures to curb the spread of the coronavirus, yesterday’s announcement of a one week lock down in St. Catherine took them by surprise.


President of the Sunshine City Chamber of Commerce Norman Walker said many businesses were already feeling the pinch with the curfew orders, and this has put them in a tail spin.


And, President of the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce, Lloyd Distant, has indicated that at least one business operator was able to switch to remote operations, following the announcement of a lock down of St. Catherine.


The one week lock down began today, and comes in the wake of conformation of several covid-19 cases at a call centre in Portmore.


Mr. Distant said some business operators had heard rumours of a lock down, but not all were able to implement contingency measures, in time.


He said operators were focused on the safety of staff, as well as their own families.



He added that some who do manufacturing, continue to operate.