Man vandalises St Ann Parish Library and threatens staff

by January 8th, 2022

The St. Ann Parish Library in St. Ann’s Bay had to be closed today after a man said to be of unsound mind vandalized the property.


Senior Librarian Opal Scott told Irie F M News that staff members are traumatised because the man had been threatening them, for the past few weeks.


The matter has been reported to the police, who have launched a search for the man.


Ms. Scott said the situation had taken a bad turn on Wednesday when staff asked the man to leave due to his unhygienic state.



She added that the man refused to check his bag at the counter and that he had a knife.


She said on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, staff discovered that glass windows had been shattered.


This morning the vandal went even further shattering the glass doors and more windows, leaving stones and broken glass shards all over the library’s main hall and office.


The police have collected statements from the staff and have promised to keep an eye on the building.


Ms. Scott said the library will reopen next Monday.


Some persons who went to the library today were left disappointed and upset after learning that it was closed due to the vandalism.


They are calling on the relevant authorities to put in place a security system at the facility.


It’s reported that budgetary constraints had resulted in the discontinuation of security guards being stationed at the library several years ago.



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