Motorists to see another big increase in prices at the pumps tomorrow

by May 4th, 2022

Motorists are to face another big increase in prices at the pumps.


Petrojam announced increases in the prices of most of its products effective tomorrow.


The price for a litre of E10 87 and 90 gasoline will go up by $4.50.


Automotive diesel oil, ultra-low sulphur diesel and kerosene will also go up by $4.50 cents per litre.


The cost for a litre of butane LPG will increase by 25 cents.


However, there will be a 25 cent reduction in the price of a litre of propane LPG.


Marketing companies will add their mark up to the announced prices.


Petrojam said the rise in prices over the past week was due primarily to the high cost of crude oil.


Although there were mixed movements in the oil market, on average, oil prices climbed higher, due to fears of supply disruptions, following the European Union’s proposed ban on Russian crude oil imports.

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